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Answers Raw Frozen Goat's Milk | 1 Pint

Answers Raw Frozen Goat's Milk | 1 Pint

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Answers Raw Frozen Goat's Milk | 1 Pint

Answers Pet Food Raw Goat's Milk is grass-fed raw goat’s milk fermented to make it nature’s most nourishing food. It’s contains an extensive list of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, fatty acids, and so much more. Add to any diet or serve alone

For Dogs and Cats of all Ages

Available Sizes
16 oz (Pint)
32 oz (Quart)
64 oz (Half-gallon)

Ingredients Raw goat’s milk, with added cultures (Lactococcus lactis and leuconostoc mesenteroides), raw honey, organic cinnamon.
Cat Food
Raw Frozen Cat Food
Dog Food
Raw Frozen Dog Food

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