Barkworthies Pumpkin Cannabidiol Treats are a great alternative snack for dogs who suffer from..
Barkworthies 6” Beef Trachea offers a 100% digestible, sturdy all-natural dog chew with fat trimmi..


Barkworthies Beef Knee Cap is a great small-dog chew with lots of tendons and meat attached for a te..


Barkworthies Beef Knuckle Bone Fillet 16/CaseBarkworthies Knuckle Bone Fillets are one of our larges..


Barkworthies Braided 6" Bully Sticks are produced by taking Barkworthies popular 6" Bully Sticks and..


Barkworthies Bully Stick Odor Free USA -12" Bully Stick/Case of 35Barkworthies Odor Free Standard 12..


Barkworthies Chicken Feet 100/CaseCase of 100 ChewsBarkworthies Chicken Feet are all-natural dog che..


Barkworthies Cow Tails are full sized, un-cut and baked to perfection creating the ultimate long las..


More substantial than the standard bully sticks, Barkworthies Double Cut 6" Bully Sticks are a great..


Barkworthies Big Cheese Chews (Large) offer your large breed, voracious chewer something to really s..


Barkworthies Mega Cow's Tail is a massive, thick chew perfect for large dogs with large appetites. C..


Barkworthies Pork Shoulder Bone is full of nutritious marrow, providing your dog with a highly diges..


Barkworthies Tripe Twist is a tasty and healthy dog chew packed with health benefits! These all-..


Turkey Necks (10/Case)Barkworthies Turkey Necks are healthy, all-natural, and the perfect size for a..


Barkworthies USA Chicken Jerky is an all-natural treat containing only 100% made-in-the-USA chicken...