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Barkworthies Cow Tail Chews for Dogs

Barkworthies Cow Tail Chews for Dogs

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  • $14.99

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Barkworthies Cow Tails are full sized, un-cut and baked to perfection creating the ultimate long lasting dog chew for dogs of all sizes. They also serve as a great dental chews by removing food residue and plaque. Barkworthies Cow Tails are a dense, durable dog chews that will give your pet hours of chew time. Barkworthies Cow Tails have been a longtime favorite for dogs everywhere! Barkworthies Cow Tails are all-natural, 100% digestible dog chews making them a healthy alternative to traditional rawhide chews! Barkworthies Cow Tails are FDA approved and sourced from Brazil, one of the highest quality sources in the world. As with all of Barkworthies products, their Cow Tails are additive free, chemical-free and preservative free. In fact, most Barkworthies products are single-ingredient chews, making them all natural, healthy and safe for your dog.

Baked to perfection
Scrapes off tartar and plaque
Encourages good breath

6 ounce bag

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