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BASS Brush Boar Palm Style Dog Grooming Brush

BASS Brush Boar Palm Style Dog Grooming Brush

  • $25.99


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Keep your pet looking their best with the BASS Brush Boar Palm Style Dog Groomer!

The Middle Layer of Pure Boar Conditions the Hair by Distributing Natural Oils Leaving a Healthy Shine and a Protective Layer Over Your Pet’s Coat.
Beautifies and Conditions the Coat of your Pet
Finest Quality Grooming Brushes

Why We Love It:
World class brush company has been recommended by groomers everywhere. Among the finest handcrafted pet brushes, these wire/boar grooming brushes by Bass feature a beautiful, 100% bamboo handle and offer a unique combination of boar bristles/steel pins. The stainless steel pins remove tangles and smaller debris, while the boar bristles smooth the coat and provide a rejuvenating skin massage. This gentle massage helps prevent dry skin, stimulate the oil glands, and distribute the oils throughout the coat for a silkier, softer coat. Recommended for use on dry coats.

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