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Catnip Joints Three Joint Nirvana Gift Set

Catnip Joints Three Joint Nirvana Gift Set

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Stark Raving Cat Catnip Joints! Legal in all 50 states!

Three Joint Nirvana Gift Set
Contains 100% premium catnip, no fillers, just leaves and buds. Toss them like little prey and watch your cats play. Each joint is hand filled, then rolled and sealed in a cloth wrapper. Made in the USA.  For recreational use only.

An exotic stash bag, refresher ‘nip, and 3 catnip joints, for pure kitty nirvana. Each stash bag is unique: handmade in India from sari fabric, with wooden beads on the drawstrings. Comes with a resealable pouch of catnip: rub the joints in the loose catnip to refresh their potency. (Bags are selected randomly for each order, and all are beautifully detailed with embroidery, sequins, or prints.)

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