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Midwest Contour Double-Door Folding Dog Crates

Midwest Contour Double-Door Folding Dog Crates

  • Brand: Midwest
  • Product Code: DOGCRATES
  • Availability: In Store Only
  • $39.00

Offer versatile front and side access
Create a den-like space for your pet allowing proper ventilation and visibility
Feature reinforced doors with multiple lock points and safe & secure slide-bolt latch
Doors have a low threshold and large opening allowing your pet to easily enter and exit the crate
Easy setup and fold-down to portable size – no tools required
Durable Satin Black electro-coat finish
Leak-proof plastic pan – tough and easy to clean
Include free divider panel that allows you to adjust length of living area as your puppy grows into its adult-size home.
Available in six sizes, from 22-inches long to 48-inches long
Prices range from $39 to $179

You’ll love how our Contour™ Double-Door Folding Dog Crate simplifies the process of training and housebreaking your puppy, how convenient it is to take with you when you and your pet travel, and how beautifully it serves your dog as his or her very own, personal den-like space. The versatile front and side double-door design affords you the opportunity to fit a crate almost anywhere in a room or vehicle. Among this crate’s top features is our exclusive LapLock™ Technology, which creates convenient multiple lock points on the perimeter of the doors and gives you the safety and security of a slide-bolt latch. Because the doors have a low threshold and large opening, you pet will have no trouble at all entering and exiting the crate. Another feature you’ll like is how easy it is to set up and take down your Contour™ crate; you can do it in mere seconds! It folds flat, too, so it takes up little storage space. And a comfy plastic carrying handle makes it easy to carry the crate anywhere. Also included are a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup should your pup have an “accident,” surface protective rubber feet, and – most important of all – a FREE divider panel for use while your puppy is still growing up. In short, the Contour™ Double-Door Dog Crate provides every feature you and your pet need

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