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Kitten Entertainment!!

Newt watching her favorite show at the the Earth Pets Kitten Nursery 404 NW 10th Ave in Gainesville

We love to keep our kittens entertained because it's healthy for them and amusing for us!  The kittens in our nursery enjoy daily programs that are irresistible to their developing minds.  Some of their favorite shows include a screen full of bugs, groups of mice and up close and personal scenes of birds and squirrels scampering through a park.

Not only is TV watching a healthy way to provide for their mental well-being, it's also pretty darn cute to watch a kitten watching TV!

Want to see what our kittens are up to while they're waiting for your next visit?  There's an app for that!  Just download the free Pet Cube app (App Store)(Google Play) on your smartphone or tablet and look us up! Our username is: kittennursery

Nothing beats an in-person visit for some kitten therapy in the Earth Pets Kitten Nursery but our kitty cam is a great way to satisfy your after-hours kitty cravings.   Watch our kittens play (or sleep, or watch TV) from the comfort of your home anytime. You can also control the built-in laser toy!

And don't forget, all of our rescued cats and kittens are available for adoption so, please share and help us find them loving homes!