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100% of you donation will be used immediately to help save orphan kittens and special needs cats through our Orphan Kitten Nursery program.

If you've ever shopped at Earth Pets of Gainesville, you know that it's much more than a retail store.  The Orphan Kitten Nursery room (recently expanded to two rooms!) is a no-kill safe haven for underage and orphan kittens as well as special needs cats who were rescued from life threatening situations in our community.

The nursery is a special cage-free area where our rescue kitties can grow, heal, play and live until they are old enough or healthy enough to be adopted into new loving homes. The nursery is open to visitors so they can socialize with the kittens and so that potential adopters can interact with them and hopefully choose one to adopt.

We provide the cats and kittens in our program the very best start in their new lives through holistic nutrition plans, daily well care and lots of love.  In partnership with several veterinarians in Gainesville, we also provide them with vaccines, spay/neuter and all other necessary medical care.

100% of your donation
will be used immediately to pay for medicine, kitten formula, spay/neuter surgery and other medical care for the cats and kittens in our program.

If you are interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens, visit us on Facebook (we love to post pics of our babies!) or come by the store and experience the Kitten Nursery, one of the happiest places in Gainesville!  

The Kitten Nursery is located inside our store 
Earth Pets of Gainesville
404 NW 10th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601
(352) 377-1100

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